Our 2018 DREAM Team


Do you ever watch the news and think, “I sure wish I could do something about that crisis?”

Well, this summer you can.  There are Africans entering Europe in unprecedented numbers each week.  They are escaping economic crisis, war torn regions, oppressive governments and a variety fo other difficult situations.  Many have come from countries where there is no access to the Gospel. You can join Hillside Church and Africa Inland Mission’s DREAM Teams this summer and welcome them, care for them and even share your faith with them.  We will train you to begin Gospel conversations, finding out people’s stories, relating your story, and  sharing God’s story (even with someone from a different language).  We will also be involved in food distribution, sports camps, visiting people in their homes, different helps ministry and maybe even being on the shore when boats arrive.

The trip if from June 20-July5

Want to learn about last year’s trip to Europe with DREAM Teams? Listen to the debrief here.


Questions? Contact Rick Maples.