Are you new to Hillside? Looking to get involved and invested in the life of the church? Hillside Next is our 4 week membership class offered on Sunday mornings in October, January, April & July. In Hillside Next, we'll talk about who we are, what we believe, ways you can connect through fellowship and service, & how you can become a member of Hillside. Here's a snapshot of what to expect:


Week 1

Who is Hillside?

  • What is our purpose & vision?

  • What is our leadership structure?

  • What makes Hillside unique?

  • What’s the direction of Hillside?


Week 2

What we believe

  • What does Hillside believe? Let’s review the statement of faith.

  • Who serves in leadership? What are the expectations?


week 3

Get connected

  • How can I get plugged into community through a small group?

  • I’d love to get involved! Where can I serve?


week 4

become a member

  • What does it mean to be a member of Hillside Church?

  • Why is membership so important?