To love, care, and live out the love of Jesus in the Farm Drive neighborhood, and to lead children and their families to know and follow Him. 
— Mission Statement

About us

The Farm Drive Neighborhood Center has been serving families in the Farm Drive neighborhood of San Jose since 1992. Our goal is to bring Christ to this neighborhood.


The Center

We are located at 3110 Dakan Court, in apartments #1 and #2 on the bottom floor of the complex.

Want to stop by?  Contact Patty.

Have items to donate? Drop them off in the donation chest at Hillside or, bring them to our table at the Center. We do not take large items like sofas or beds.


What we do.

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Homework Club

Elementary | M W, 3:00-5:00
Middle & High School  | T Th 3:30-5:00

Many of the children in the neighborhood are the first in their families to attend elementary, middle, and high school.  For many, they do not have the support at home to succeed.  Our volunteer tutors work with students to help them succeed academically, while providing emotional and spiritual support

Volunteers are always needed, no experience is required!  If you aren't available during our regular tutoring hours we offer evening tutoring as well.

Bible Club

Saturdays 10:00-12:00

Neighborhood kids of all ages meet to play games, eat breakfast, and engage in Bible lessons in small groups.  Leaders demonstrate a love for the Lord while challenging children to learn more about faith in tangible ways.



Committed. Relational. Accountable. Motivated.

Adult mentors prepare high school students for college or job training. In this incentive-based program, students are rewarded for meeting certain requirements with gift cards, special activities, money, and—when they graduate—a laptop and printer. CRAM is all about building relationships with these students, loving them, helping them succeed, and pointing them to Jesus.


Outings & Activities

We go on retreats with Hillside Students throughout the year. During the summer we go swimming, tour local businesses and have park days. We are always having fun learning. The Center is a safe, stable place when home or going out may not be.

We are always looking for more friends of Farm Drive to join us and spend time getting to know these awesome kids!

Our Staff.


Patty Havens & Bernice Dimas

Director: Patty Havens | patty@hillside.orgAssistant: Bernice Dimas |

Get involved.

We are always looking for loving, Christ-following volunteers in many capacities.  Doesn't matter how young or how old, if your schedule is jam-packed or full of opportunities, there's a fit at Farm Drive!